Comparison of software for weighbridge management

Traditional weighbridge systems focus on simple weigh in, weigh out, ticket and basic reporting functionality. WBx transforms the way in which organisations view and manage their weighbridge operations. With sophisticated user defined workflows, WBx is tailored to meet the clients' operational needs.

Comparison of Weighbridge Management Software

A comparison of the WBx solution to 2 other leading weighbridge software products shows that WBx is the leading weighbridge software solution to take your company to the next level.
Product 2
Product 3
  Configurable business processes
  Integrates to ERP systems for ASNs, ATLs and master data
Flat file
  Integrates into security systems
  Integrates into Supplier and Buyer systems
  Offline and Online capability when network down
  Enterprise level reporting
  Centralisation of data administration and control
  One-touch processing of business transactions
  Role based security 
  Transaction logging and audit trails
  Management of road ordinances and enforcement
  Electronic proof of delivery/receipt
  Supplier to buyer integration via the internet
  Contact WBx today and take control of your weighbridge processes.
Innovations from WBx

Scanning of vehicle and driver licences for accurate and efficient data capture.

RFID Scanning

RFID scanning (active and passive) for workflow activation and data capture.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Cell phone based proof of delivery option (ePOD) directly integrates with WBx workflow and processes.

CCTV Integration

Integration into most CCTV systems allows for overlays and easy search of business data.

Electronic Signature Pads

Electronic signature pads for proof of dispatch or delivery.

Central Device Management and Control

Take control of the booms, display boards, weighbridges and other devices from one place.

Online/ Offline Architecture

Online/offline architecture ensures that trucks move and transactions survive when the network is down.

WBx in a Box

WBx in a Box means that entry level solutions can be deployed within a day of being ordered - pre-configured and pre-loaded. It's the quickest way to experience award winning software.

Distributed Architecture

Distributed architecture ensures you can span processes and workflows across multiple sites, weighbridges and physical locations. The combinations are endless.

Touch Interface

Multi-touch interface ensures ease of use, rapid ramp up of staff and more time spent on security and monitoring. Say goodbye to the keyboard and mouse.