Automated weighbridge control systems available in 3 editions

WBx is easy-to-use software with serious functionality. It provides a total end-to-end solution from Weighbridge to ERP system - the complete automated weighbridge control system. It was developed to “make life simple and more effective” and is available in 3 editions - WBx Lite, WBx Professional and WBx Enterprise.


WBx Editions

Lite in a Box

  • Simple, standalone operation
  • Standard industry configuration
  • Straight forward reporting
  • Cost-effective price
  • Ship within 24 hours
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  • Single site, with integration
  • Integrates into ERP system
  • Business process management
  • Comprehensive, tailored reporting
  • Role-based security access
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  • Multi-site, multi-company organisation
  • All features of WBx Professional
  • Integrates into security infrastructure
  • No license constraints
  • Electronic proof of delivery
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A ready-to-use version of WBx loaded on a pre-configured PC, with the essential automation tools and processes setup in advance. Delivery in 24 hours!

Choose an Edition

WBx can be used in any company no matter how large or small.
WBx Lite

WBx Lite is perfect for a standalone, simple application with no integration required. The recently launched WBx Lite in a Box is ready to use, loaded on a pre-configured PC. Optional extras include signature pad and scanners. Get delivery of this solution within 24 hours of order!

WBx Professional

WBx Professional is designed for a single site running on a local area network, with simple back-end integration and offline capabilities. The solution is tailored to your specific business processes. Comprehensive reporting and security functionality enhances the value to your business.

WBx Enterprise

This edition is for large organisations with multiple sites running on a wide area network. Head office can now track and record the movement of goods across multiple organisational boundaries, and between customers and suppliers. It is essential for the management of the transition of ownership, and effective tracking of purchases and sales.