Case Study: The Road Development Agency of Zambia

The Road Developent Agency of Zambia is the government agency responsible for maintenance and expansion of roads and related infrastructure across Zambia. Given the country's massive extractive industry and its proximity to other land-locked countries, the country has a continuous flow of trucks moving goods between neighbouring countries such as Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, DRC, Angola and Zimbabwe.

Weighbridge solution for manufacturing
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The RDA currently has 10 sites spread across Zambia that weighs every vehicle that exceeds 3.5 tons, to determine whether the vehicle is overloaded on the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) or if any axles are overloaded. Any vehicle that is caught overloaded, is fined and liable to pay fees & fines to the agency as compensation for the damage done to the roads.

Core requirements of the system include:

  • Automatic calculation of fees & fines
  • Managing vehicle accounts
  • Finance integration at HQ
  • Controlling traffic flow at the weighbridges using traffic lights
  • Device integration into display boards & CCTV cameras
  • Centralized reporting
  • Centralised weighbridge management system spanning multiple, well-dispersed sites
  • Online/Offline capability to keep the sites running irrespective of the status of the telecommunications connection to HQ
  • Comprehensive reporting on all weighbridge transactions around the country
  • Automatic calculation and allocation of Axle/GVM to quickly identify and correctly penalise the overloading of Vehicles
  • Reduced paperwork and easier allocation of other types of fees and fines by means of a single consolidated receipt issued by WBX

Solution & Services

  • Solution: Weighbridge Management Solution
  • Services: Consulting, Software Development, Support and Maintenance

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