Weighbridges are used across many industries

The WBx software solution can manage weighbridge operations and data collection across many industries. One of the most powerful aspects of the WBx software is its ability to be configured to the unique requirements of an industry.

WBx has been implemented in many industries
Through a rich graphical interface, WBx is configured to mirror the business processes and rules for a particular industry, thereby allowing customers to operate their business processes in the way they chose, rather than be dictated to by the software.

Weighbridges are used extensively in farming to manage the movement and storage of farming crops and livestock.


Keeping accurate records of material movement and storage are essential for invoicing and financial management.


Weight is vital in manufacturing to control processes, check inventory and ensure product compliance.


WBx meets the demanding challenges of mining environments, including integration into Mining Execution Systems (MES).

Government: Axle Load Control

WBx plays an essential role in ensuring vehicles do not exceed the mass limits legislated in the road ordinance act.

Waste Management

In this industry it is necessary to weigh and manage multi-waste streams and recyclable products.

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