Software to manage the weighbridge goods receiving and dispatch processes

WBx was built with a comprehensive understanding of the features required to meet the user, business and security needs of the weighbridge goods receiving and dispatch processes. The software was designed and built by Dariel - specialists in weighbridge goods receiving and dispatch solutions.

Features required in a weighbridge goods receiving and dispatch system

WBx speeds up the goods receiving and dispatch processes through quick and accurate data capture. The system can easily integrate with existing software and with other weighbridges anywhere in the country through the use of the Internet. Preset maximum allowable axle weights for various trailers enable management of overloaded trailers, ensuring that trailers are loaded to their appropriate certified weights.

Dariel have expertise in the mining, logistics, road ordinance and manufacturing industries and the WBx product has all the features to meet the needs of the weighbridge goods receiving and dispatch processes in these industries.

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  • Processes
  • Industries

WBx is designed to cater for multiple business processes that converge at the weighbridge. This includes transactions relating to:

  • Road Deliveries
  • Rail Deliveries
  • Waste management
  • Inter-site transfers
  • Container drop-offs
  • Axle load control

WBx has been implemented successfully in many industries:

  • Mining
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Roads
  • Waste Management
  • Agriculture

Features of WBx
  • Automation of processes to speed up business workflows
  • Online and offline capability with sophisticated synchronisation
  • Integration to all well known ERP’s, including SAP, JD, Syspro, Pastel and Sage
  • Integration of shipment data and transactions directly into your systems
  • Flexible reports and weighbridge tickets to meet your specific needs
  • Strong audit trails and supervisory management of exceptions
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Guaranteed transfer of ownership through electronic proof of delivery/receipt
  • One-touch recording of transaction data
  • Role based access to specific weighbridges and shipments
  • Online reporting of trucks in the yard and truck movements
  • Integration into CCTV for intelligent searching and tagging with transaction data
  • Enforcement of legal weight limits according to your local road ordinances
  • Management of drivers including blacklisting and ID management
  • Management of all aspects of road and axle control