Frequently asked questions on implementing weighbridge solutions

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The application seamlessly integrates with existing accounting and ERP systems. The transfer of order, loading and shipment data is a key part of what makes the system so versatile and easy to use.
The system is designed with a one-click philosophy and is aimed at ensuring that the weighbridge operator can accurately capture the transaction details without requiring multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks. The system is self-guiding and provides prompts and pre-defined input data to assist the operator manage the process.
The WBx application operates seamlessly even if the network is down. In many cases order data will already be on the weighbridge PC, and in cases where it is not, the operator will still be able to complete a transaction without any problems.
The WBx application has been developed with flexibility in mind, and can be configured and tailored to the end users needs without much effort.
The WBx application has strong user security to ensure that only valid users are able to log in. In addition, users are limited to the functionality they can see based on the function they perform in the company.

The WBx application has also been integrated into a leading CCTV system so that transaction data is overlayed on video footage, and can be searched for immediate access to appropriate footage.
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